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A Dear Old Friend

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The past several months had been some of the longest of Elise's life. When she had still been under the thumb of her sire, freedom had only been a distant fantasy. Now that it was her reality, Elise was nearly at a loss as to what to do with it. Once, there was an endless number of opportunities awaiting her: a brilliant education, a career as a doctor, and the potential to build her own family one day. With most of not all of her dreams quashed, she had needed to find a new purpose in life and the answer had been obvious to Elise.

After rescuing her from a brutal fate, Castalia had been the first person in years to show Elise genuine kindness. There was no way that she could carry on without somehow repaying her old friend. Besides, if she could do something good with her wretched life, perhaps she could atone for the deplorable things she had done in the past. So she had decided to seek out Castalia. Elise had spent months travelling across the country in search of the young woman, who had seemingly vanished.

However, all of Elise’s efforts had finally paid off. Standing at a rather unremarkable door, her hand hovered tentatively over the knob. Dusk had settled over the town and a strange stillness lingered in the chilly, evening air. Supposedly, the yoga studio she stood in front of was Castalia’s new business. It was truly a relief that her friend had resurfaced. Elise had feared that Castalia had been harmed on account of helping her escape. If so, Elise wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself.

Yet as far as she knew, Castalia was on the other side of this door and Elise couldn’t comprehend why she was hesitating. Taking a deep breath, she shook off her nerves and determinedly gripped the handle, swinging the door open before slipping through. Taking a few steps inside, gently shutting the door behind her, Elise glanced around curiously. The array of décor appeared to reflect Castalia’s tastes, which reassured Elise that she wasn’t mistaken.

“Castalia?” she called out warily, perhaps too quietly. “Cassy?” she said, raising her voice with the nickname that felt familiar on her lips. Suddenly she felt just as shy and insecure as she had been as a child.


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It was a regular night for the young woman. Her last class of the night had just finished up some fifteen minutes ago. As was her custom she didn’t lock the door to her studio until she had fully closed up, least any of her students come in having forgotten something. At the moment she was in the supplies room tidying up. Castalia tried to remain calm as she did so. Was it really so hard for people to keep this room nice. It was as simple as putting the tools back where people had taken them from.

The quiet music from the class was still playing in the background. That and the young witch was so engrossed in her organizing she didn’t hear the front door open. She paused when she thought she heard a voice call her. The brunette smiled faintly, it was likely sweet Debbie, always forgetting her water bottle. She was just standing up when the voice spoke again. The yoga block that was in her hand slipped from her grip. Cassy, a name she hadn't heard in a long while. Not since she left home. 

The elemental knew without question who the voice belonged to. Elise; someone who had been her close friend for a long time. Not that her parents ever approved of her friendship with a human. Elise, who was now a vampire. The whole reason she was here on the other side of the country as an exile. All because when she looked at her friends face she still saw the humanity in her, not a monster. Castalia had saved her former friend from sacrifice by the coven. No, by her own hand they had wanted. 

The last time she had seen her friend was when she was getting her as far away from the coven as she could drive. Part of her had wanted to join Elise back then, running away together and starting a new life. The young witch knew better though. Running from the coven would have been a death sentence for both of them. So she had returned to face her sentence, protecting Elise one final time in doing so.  After the banishment there had been no time to track down where the other women had gotten to. All these months Talia could only hope things had gone okay for the vampire. 

Slowly she walked into the main studio to see the other young woman standing there. “Elise,” she said softly. For a moment Castalia didn’t move from where she stood. Her thoughts and emotions running in sporadic circles inside of her. There stood the reason the witch was now an exile yet given the opportunity to go back and change the way things had happened she would have done it all over again. There were so many questions she wanted to ask now though. It had been many months since they last saw each other. 

Talia opened her mouth to speak but she quickly closed it again. There was so much to say she was struggling with what to start with. They had hadn’t much of a chance to talk about it all while she had been getting the vampire out of harm's way and there was a lot to talk about.  “I’m glad to see you’re okay,” she said at last. The yogi then ran across the room to wrap the other woman in a hug. “Did you come all the way other here to find me?” It was the first question she managed to ask. It took great self control to not let the other ones spill forth in a rush. 

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