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Lilith's Profile
  • Snarky - She is very sarcastic and appreciates a good battle of wits
  • No-Nonsense - She loathes being lied to and would rather people be nasty to her than deceptive
  • Manipulative - She knows what she wants and goes after it. If this sometimes requires treating people a little like peons - so be it.
  • Passionate - Self-explanatory. She loves deeply, hates fiercely. Her emotions have little-to-no middle ground.
  • Strangely soft (to her friends and loved ones) - She can be generous of spirit if she genuinely cares for you but this behaviour is earned and not freely given.
  • Hot-tempered - Her lack of a middle emotional ground will lead her into situations that excite her temper. Yelling might be involved, possibly some violence. She has a lot of interalised feelings about her childhood which she generally ignores but come out in tense moments through her unconscious behaviours and over-reactions.
  • A little obsessive - When she sets her mind to something, it is very difficult to veer her off this path. You had better have a good reason and be ready to fight about it.
  • Childhood, Outwardly Unremarkable - She was raised in a middle class family, she has 2 brothers with whom she is estranged. Her parents had always had a hard time getting along which continued until their relationship ended. Her mother is mentally unstable and more-or-less functional on her better days. Her father raised them.
  • Adolescence, Tumultuous - Her parents divorced when she was 10 and as a result her teenage years were spent being shuffled off from home to home week by week. Her mother never saught treatment - as such the time Lilith spent with her could range anywhere from exhilarating to terrifying depending on her's mother's mental state. She learned to live out of a suitcase, and not to attach much importance to her material belongings.
  • Adulthood, Exploration - She left her family behind the moment she could. It wasn't that she never wanted to see them ever again, just that she was safer the further away she was from them. She seized the opportunity to explore herself and any taboos. There is no such word in her vocabulary..
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Lilith Earl

Age 24
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 5'9"
Build Scrawny
Occupation Escort
Species Human
Subspecies None
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Date of Birth: 05-31-1992
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