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Rhea's Profile
÷ Possessing both wits and wit, Rhea finds her way through things with a dry sense of humor.
÷ With a mind for logic, she can work her way to the best solution to most problems.
÷ A willful young woman, Rhea has more than enough backbone.
÷ Hard-Working, Rhea puts her all into everything she does.
÷ Rhea is suspicious of anything that seems too good to be true, especially no-strings handouts.
÷ Not a sentimental person, Rhea doesn't get attached easily - especially not to random objects.
÷ Rhea Anne Neville.
÷ Born lower middle class, Rhea was expected to work hard and succeed on her own.
÷ She did well in school, striving for that elusive scholarship.
÷ Had a pretty boring life.
÷ Her parents worked constantly so she was pretty self-sufficient.
÷ Earning an academic full ride, Rhea was glad to start college majoring in math.
÷ After being at college for over a year, she's feeling pretty settled.
÷ Rhea is trying to plan for her future after school, weighing her options as a mathmatician.
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Rhea Neville

Age 19
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 5'7"
Build Slim
Occupation Math Major
Species Human
Subspecies None
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