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Easily manipulated. Charming. Flirtatious. Submissive. Gullible. Spoiled.
- Born in Russia as Aleksei Nikolaev, and at that point is the eldest son of the Nikolaev family.
- Soon is joined by three more siblings.
- Enjoys an isolated but loving childhood.
- Comes out as genderfluid at a young age but it still doesn't feel quite right.
- Talks with parents and a doctor about their feelings and starts the realization that they are transgender.
- Begins the process of social transitioning since they're still too young at the time to start any medications.
- The family moves to America to escape the political atmosphere that Russia is in.
- Begins the medication process for transitioning at the age of sixteen. Officially gets her name changed to Nikolina Nikolaev in honor of a favorite relative.
- Stays clear of sexual relationships for the time being but is pretty boy-crazy.
- Decides she wants to be a model and actress and begins working towards that.
- At the age of nineteen has top surgery but decides against any bottom surgery.
- Decides to apply to become a Revenant now that she is exactly how she has always felt she should be. Plus she thinks it will help her career.
- Vardan Zakarian becomes her sire and manager - as well as her first lover.
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Nikolina Nikolaev

Age 21
Gender Nonbinary
Sexuality Androsexual
Height 5'1"
Build Slim
Occupation Model/Actress
Species Vampire
Subspecies Revenant
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