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Keir's Profile
❣ Keir is mute due to childhood trauma. He can use sign language but rarely does.
❣ Extremely shy and very insecure, he has a hard time reaching out to others.
❣ Despite that, he prefers having a group to belong to and the safety of a coven.
❣ Hard-working, Keir puts his all into his projects.
❣ Highly focused, Keir is good at detail work.
❣ A kind soul, he enjoys the company of others once they break through his shell.
❣ All in all Keir is an absolute sweetheart.
❣ Keir Islay Pottinger.
❣ Born in Ireland and immigrated to the New World at a young age.
❣ Was twelve when his parents were hung as witches in 1663. They weren't.
❣ Keir's own powers were awakened by the trauma, the hangman's ropes unraveling.
❣ This was seen as further proof of his parents' witchcraft and they were burned the next day.
❣ Keir has not spoken a word since losing his parents.
❣ Was swept away by a local coven, but left when there was too much pressure to 'behave normally'.
❣ Lather, rinse, repeat.
❣ Once in his late teens, Keir's aging was stalled in coven after coven where they could make that happen.
❣ He learned American Sign Language in the 1820s, but doesn't rely on it very heavily.
❣ Recently, Keir abandoned a coven mere months before it was decimated by the Carmine.
❣ He thinks he might be better off alone for now even though he prefers having the benefits of a coven.
❣ Currently, Keir is starting to age again.
❣ Between some good genes and centuries of coven magic keeping him young he only looks about twenty.
❣ Keir is a stitch witch.
❣ Threads, yarns, fabrics, etc. respond to his magic.
❣ Animal- and plant-based, natural and artificial, all respond to him.
❣ Natural plant-based fibers are the easiest to work with; artificial fibers the hardest.
❣ Can move and control fibers.
❣ Can improve the quality and durability of such.
❣ Can embed magic into fibers for future use in blood magic ritual.
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Keir Pottinger

Age 367
Gender Male
Sexuality Demisexual
Height 5'1"
Build Slim
Occupation Fabric Store Employee
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Stitch Witch
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