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skittish . irresolute . submissive . erratic . incomplete . empathetic . pitiable

tap him with a gentle fingertip and ikaros shall sway without hesitation to your every want. furiously weak-willed, the man has stumbled into every kind of unfortunate situation and suffered severely the consequences.

a result of his not-all-that-distant past, ikaros lives every second in violent, quaking remorse. crimson stains the tired indentation of his knuckles, crusts beneath nails chewed to stubs by anxious teeth. of course his hands are, in fact, clean both from ceaseless, panicked scrubbing and hospital-ordered sterilization, but the beast will never unsee the blood. on the surface he is kind, compassionate and deeply emotional. the nurse weaves through pastel blue hallways with eerie grace and a smile on his face of equal peculiar quality. he is not confident but stuttering and unsure, though patients tend to know and love him for his quiet assurances and unparalleled empathy.

beneath the broken skin is not a beast but a puppy, naive and fragile. tell him to fight, train him to be cruel and he will regret the consequences only once blood has been spilled; pat his head and tell him, "good boy": he will wag his tail and perform with obedience; fasten a collar about his neck and he will follow you until you let him go.

ikaros is a simple man. changeable, two different creatures who may swap places at the flick of a switch, but not without morals. his timing is poor, perhaps the most fatal flaw of his character, but do not mistake him for the stone cold statue of a villain. he might be painted silver, but his eyes still blink and his heart still beats.
ikaros led no childhood of tragedy nor of particular chaos. it was unnotable if anything; ordinary, not far short of utterly bland. his family were not rich nor poor, neither parent died young or betrayed the other. he was an only child and happily so, not spoilt rotten or mistreated for the want of others.

no, ikaros' tragedies did not come to fruition 'til he had long since left his home in belgium. barely 19, the man was recruited into the london police force (only partly by choice, given the very little coercion it takes to manipulate his weak-willed brain). months went without incident 'til he was sent to manage the scene of a blood-sucking serial killer - his first encounter with a vampire. luck, and nothing else, had ikaros slay the vampire but he did not stop with only the succubus' blood on his hands. fueled by fear and fury at the monstrosities of the supernatural, the young officer rampaged and promptly took the place of the killer he had taken down. sporadic blackouts masked many of ikaros jameson's ghastly murders, but as soon as their stories hit the next days' newspapers, he knew of his guilt.

the training of a copper did ikaros service for a short while; he had left little trace of his atrocities, but england was no longer safe. grief-stricken and drowning in guilt, he fled to the united states of america under the new identity, by which he is now known. years later, it is assumed the london killer committed suicide and the search has been reluctantly called to a permanent halt. ikaros enrolled in a mediocre medical school, becoming a qualified nurse in the desperate hope to atone for his immeasurable sins. his present life is far from without moments of horror and he still believes his eyes shine red in certain lights, but worse days have been lived.

and he is yet to live worse days, still.
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Ikaros Hercule Jameson

Age 32
Gender Male
Sexuality Unknown
Height 5'11"
Build Scrawny
Occupation Nurse
Species Human
Subspecies None
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