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Tactical, Methodical, Confident
Arrogant, Argumentative, Sharp-tongued, Somewhat Contrary
Fast, Mostly Self-Aware, Well-Trained
Giovanna was born to horse breeders and trainers in Italy in 1743 and learned the trade with the rest of her seven siblings. At 18, she married the horse master of a noble family in Venice. Two children and 6 years later, Giovanna’s husband perished on the road from Venice to Tuscany when attacked by highwaymen. Leaving her small children with her in-laws, Giovanna took to the road with her brothers-in-law to search for their lost stock.

While camping on the road, the party was set upon by a nest of Succubi. Giovanna and Severino escaped slaughter by leaving their brothers behind. In Tuscany, Severino took to drink and fell in with the city’s thieves. Giovanna, disgusted with her brother-in-law’s weakness, approached a local Revenant to avenge her family’s massacre. In exchange, she offered herself as payment.

She and Bruno employed the assistance of human Hunters, but they could not find the murderous Succubi. Enraged at her defeat, Giovanna convinced Bruno to move his household to Rome. The farther she traveled from home (and mortality), the more comfortable she felt about the loss of her family.

Giovanna and Bruno operated a stable and inn outside the Papal States for over a century. After Italian troops ended the 1000 year reign of the Catholic Church, Bruno and Giovanna finally left Italy, bound for the United States.

In New York City they struggled for some time before falling in with some of the local Revenants. This group was integral in bringing about the Gilded Age of the city after the Civil War, providing funding for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Opera, and establishing Little Italy.

Maker and progeny drifted apart after the turn of the 20th century. Bruno stayed among the New York City Revenants, and Giovanna began a pilgrimage around the country. She existed quietly through the 20s, Prohibition, and the Depression in the western states, riding with US Marshals and cowboys.

During the Second World War, Giovanna became a ‘Rosie’ and worked on bombers in Long Beach California. She continued her education throughout the Civil Rights Era, developing a keen interest in technology. She invested in Apple and IBM, amassed a small fortune, and began to offer her services as a headhunter for corporations across the world as Y2K hit.

Still working in the tech industry, Giovanna has made a name for herself as a successful Revenant in the United States, finding CTOs for banks, auto companies, and other big businesses. In the midst of an extended sabbatical in Syracuse, Giovanna finds herself doing her job on an almost daily basis.

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Giovanna Cavallo

Age 275
Gender Female
Sexuality Flexible
Height 5'5"
Build Slim
Occupation Headhunter - Tech
Species Vampire
Subspecies Revenant
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