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Luca's Profile
- Born on the cusp of nobility, Luca learned early the difference between wealth and the prospect of it. He existed with his family in limbo, often attending parties of the elite in full force so they'd be guaranteed a meal.
- Luca worked hard, finding he had a knack for horses, doing his best to master his craft and marry before poverty caught up with his family once and for all.
- He and Giovanna were an arranged match but they found each other agreeable enough to be quite happy. They had two children and by his mid-twenties, Luca felt as though he'd finally obtained a wealth of his own that exceeded monetary value.
- Soon after the birth of his second child, Luca was attacked by a nest of Succubi. His horses and men were drained and slaughtered but one of the vampires took a liking to him and decided to make him a pet instead.
- The transition from human to vampire life was as horrific as it was grueling and it took years for the family man to shed his mortal attachments in favor of more hedonistic impulses.
- There were many times he wanted to look for his family -- his brothers, Giovanna, his children -- but his sire forbid it.
- He lived in a stasis for centuries under her control, no better than a thrall, but just after the turn of the century, he saw his wife's name in the local paper. This wouldn't have been enough to snap that tethered hold, but her picture was. She was alive -- a Revenant. A Success.
- The next ten years Luca chipped away at the hold on his sire's mind. He rebelled in small, unassuming ways, giving in only when it solidified their trust. In 2011 he killed them, breaking their bond.
- It's taken seven years to track Giovanna down but earlier this year he found her at last. He's since made his way to Syracuse riding his expectations of a happy, if bittersweet, reunion.
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Luca Cavallo

Age 278
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 6'2"
Build Muscular
Occupation Bloodstock Agent
Species Vampire
Subspecies Succubus
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