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Calvin's Profile
  • Born to a large family of British colonists in the Caribbean (Tortola) in 1668.
  • Though there were many booming industries other colonists latched onto, the Bates family was perpetually unlucky and perpetually broke.
  • A hurricane swept through the island destroying their home and land, severely injuring his mother and younger brother.
  • Still reeling from the storm, the island was unprepared for a sweeping siege of vampires. Two of his siblings, his uncle and three of his cousins were killed. The rest of his family were turned and taken to the New World.
  • His family splintered after that, going their separate ways. Some stayed together in clusters, but Calvin distanced himself from them all, settling in the Lousiana swamps where he remained for centuries.
  • Eventually, he evolved into a Necrophage and developed his animal form -- a black wolf.
  • His mother, as well as a few of his siblings, began making a name for themselves in an attempt to brighten the Bates' continuously stained family name.
  • The new attention, however, was not all positive. Two years ago a group of hunters began stalking them all, their numbers appealing for the quota-based group. Finally, the hunters managed to kill one of his aunts and his father.
  • The Bates have since gathered in Syracuse, the town his parents called home, to try to come to terms with this new loss and sort out their lives going forward.
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Calvin Bates

Age 350
Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 6'1"
Build Muscular
Occupation Unemployed
Species Vampire
Subspecies Necrophage
Power None
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