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Moira's Profile
Shrewd, Deliberate, Forbearing
Ruthless, Brazen, Secretive
Impersonal, Authoritarian, Smooth
The eldest girl born to the Lancaster, PA Renshaws, Moira was the shepherd of her younger sisters Kenna and Emilia from a very young age. In their community, the care of one’s family was the most important lesson any proper Amish girl could learn. Having never known any other life, Moira was an obedient daughter. Their parents were pious and kind and raised their children to be the same.

Before she and her elder brother's official Rumspringa, a pair of Succubi descended on their small town and killed a dozen people, the youngest Renshaw sisters among them. All mourned, and the community took special precautions against the possibility of future attacks. The Renshaws, however, mourned the loss of all their children, as Knox and Moira learned to hate.

The horror of this night would continue to haunt the siblings for many years. Shunned by their community for their refusal to join the church, Moira and Knox began a transformation from reclusive zealots to efficient killers.

Their initial vow of vengeance would go fulfilled since they were never able to locate their sisters’ murderers. Becoming an assassin-for-hire in her late teens hardened Moira, the warmth of her childhood replaced by the chill of the greater world.

When initially approached by Carmine, Moira leaped at the chance to join forces with such an ancient order. Years have passed, though, and she continues to wade through bureaucracy, corruption, and hypocrisy. It’s time to make a change, and Moira’s not afraid to take the first steps.
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Moira Renshaw

Age 33
Gender Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 5'6"
Build Muscular
Occupation Carmine Hunter
Species Human
Subspecies None
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