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Mac's Profile
- Was born in a crack house and left on the floor with his fraternal twin brother. His twin was kicked in the head during the raid that ultimately saved them from an early death rendering him stunted and dumb.
- Mac and his twin, who he not-so-affectionately named Squirt, were put into the foster care system as infants. They managed to stay together through their formative years but were separated at the beginning of highschool.
- Hardly academic and with a penchant for trouble, Mackenzie did his best to piss off authority and create chaos wherever he went. As a teenager, he went in and out of the juvenile detention center, usually for fighting and arson.
- Dropped out of school his senior year and started dealing and using drugs like his birth parents.
- Remained relatively sheltered from vampires until he started distributing Vampire Blood. Since then he's thralled himself out on occasion to get a steady supply to take and to sell.
- Met Laura Bates a few years ago and now almost strictly deals with (and answers to, much to his chagrin) her.
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Mackenzie Tanner

Age 25
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 6'0"
Build Muscular
Occupation Dealer
Species Human
Subspecies None
Power None
Lyss's Information
Date of Birth: 07-11-1993
Age (25 years old)
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