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Silas's Profile
  • Was born to a wealthy family with holdings in the hog butchering industry.
  • Grew up with a silver spoon but was taught the definition of hard work by his mother and father who were both relatively young parents.
  • At the start of WWI, he and his father enlisted and were called overseas.
  • His father was shot but before he perished a mysterious doctor 'cured' him. The Revenant had taken matters into his own hands to save the life of a wealthy, well-known human, and appealed to the Court later to have him officially recognized. The Court accepted him and his father began his new life as a vampire.
  • Once back home, the adjustment was a long and arduous one. Silas' mother was never able to look at his father the same way and filed for divorce.
  • His father, however, blossomed in his new life, and soon turned the direction of their business into producing and making enhanced and flavorful Ichors.
  • When Silas returned home after the war ended in 1918, his father asked him if he'd like to be a Revenant too. He accepted and he began the lengthy process of being turned.
  • Silas has lived with his father and brother since, maintaining their luxurious lifestyle due to their flourishing Ichor company.
  • Over the last few months, Silas' father accepted a position on the Revenant court and has since passed on his CEO position to Silas.
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Silas Benedict Price

Age 132
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 6'0"
Build Muscular
Occupation CEO
Species Vampire
Subspecies Revenant
Power None
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