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▹Born just outside of Chicago to a middle school science teacher and a loan officer, Etain's upbringing was a rather unremarkable one.. An only child, both her mother and her father were career minded, leaving Etain to her own devices for a good portion of her childhood.
▹From an early age she proved to be somewhat peculiar, decisive in what she liked and quick to neglect the rest. Quiet, self-contained., and interested in most things grim and violent.
▹ As she grew, Etain turned more inward and reserved, spending a good deal of her time holed up, happiest when left to her own devices.
▹ At age sixteen, ends up unintentionally reanimating a cat ran over and left for dead at the side of the road.
▹Unsure what she is or how, she spends the next two years testing the limits of her ability - birds, mice, dogs, animals anything that has a heartbeat that she can take.
▹ Kills a boy two years her junior when she's a senior in high school, confirms she can raise humans as well.

▹ Paranoid about the fuss caused by the disappearance of aforementioned boy, Etain takes the first opportunity to leave home - uses college not as a step to a career but as a good reason to make distance from home.
▹ It's during college that she truly blossoms, amassing a decent body count and making friends along the way. Namely, Caddoc, to whom she owes a title for what she is and a greater understanding.
▹ Spends the next several years aiding him and dives headfirst into a coven.
▹ After a while, Etain separates and heads for home, quickly climbing the ladder in regards to one of the major covens that call Chicago home.

▹ Following the complete decimation of her world, Etain sets herself to revenge.
▹ Reaches out to friends old and new, intimately familiar by now with the strength and safety found i numbers.
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Etain O'Rourke

Age 29
Gender Female
Sexuality Uhhh
Height 5'6"
Build Slim
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Necromancy
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Date of Birth: August 8
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