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Caddoc's Profile
- Caddoc was born into a prominent witch family in New Haven, CT.
- Two years later his sister was born. They both had an impeccable pedigree but as they aged he grew into his abilities, Cora did not.
- Shocked and ashamed that they'd produced a human child, his parents tried their best to keep her away from the rest of the coven, forcing her to stay in her room during meetings and when it was convenient choosing to deny her existence completely.
- Caddoc was his sister's only friend, though he struggled with her lack of ability just as much. Ultimately, judgment eroded Cora's psyche and by high school she was worn and brittle.
- Being a loyal brother, he gave her the knife she used to slit her wrists and he held her in the bathtub until her body was cold.
- Hers was the first human corpse he'd practiced on, having only reanimated and controlled animals before.
- In order to stay close to home and his coven, he attended Yale University with a major in finance and business.
- Upon graduation he sought to secure businesses for the coven, traveling and making ties to other witches around the world for nearly twenty years.
- Eventually, he returned to Yale for his Masters.
- There he met Etain O'Rourke, a fellow necromancer, and took it upon himself to introduce her to the formal world of witches.
- As he progressed he began to take on more responsibility within the coven and soon he was at its head as one of the youngest coven leaders in North America. Etain remained by his side as the pair had recognized a similarity in one another that they'd hadn't found anywhere else.
- Eventually, they chose to part. Caddoc has run the New Haven coven since, being part of the network that had kept the cloaking spell alive and functioning all these years. Carmine changed all of that. Homeless, covenless, and with his own fair share of injuries from the ordeal, he'd reconnected with Etain with the intent of forming something far more violent and new.
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Caddoc Clarke

Age 45
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 6'1"
Build Muscular
Occupation Business Owner
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Necromancy
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