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Refined, Cautious, Organized
Cruel, Selfish, Judgemental
Focused, Hurried, Strict
Esmond grew up and became a man in the shadow of witches. Both his parents had magic, their friends, and his sister. Even before his power manifested itself, he was deep within the culture. It was easy to stay isolated in the English countryside.

When the squirrel came back to life in the backyard after Esmond’s 10th birthday, the ensuing party was a memorable one. Not every member of his family was a necromancer, but all of those who shared the gift took it upon themselves to educate him in their art.

Esmond learned to stop hearts from a distance, speak to the recently dead, reanimate corpses both animal and human, sense impending death, and suppress and inflict pain on an adversary. His family members had a mixed selection of powers; someone was always there to teach him something new. That he picked up most of them unsettled his father.

He attended boarding school in Germany for his high school years where he met a fellow necromancer, Persephone. Beautiful, powerful, and commanding, she was everything he ever wanted in a woman. They married after university in their early twenties and moved to the United States.

Esmond used his law degree for a time, but finding the practice in the States abhorrent, he obtained his real estate license in Illinois and sold/rented property in the Chicago area for several years before moving them to Orlando.

When the veil shattered, Esmond and Persephone were in England, attending the funeral of his father. Several more of their family members perished in the blow-back. They are still there, sorting out estates and planning their next move.

Esmond seeks answers and revenge. They will pay with blood.
Esmond takes his abilities as a matter of course. His immersion in the world of the witch was and is absolute.
  • Stop the hearts of humans and animals from a distance. Those animals bonded to another witch (familiars) are beyond his reach.
  • Speak to the recently deceased. If a person has been dead longer than 24 hours, their voices are lost to him.
  • His reanimation skills are limited to creating temporary thralls lasting between 2-6 hours.
  • The sensing of impending death is only active on those individuals with less than 7 days of their lives remaining.
  • His pain suppression and infliction is by far his strongest ability. He needs not make a show of working these spells.
  • --->The expression of the pain infliction varies widely. Most common are needles and fire.
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    Esmond Yoxall

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