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held in place with fire and lace

She's a firecracker, she's desperate, and she's a little unwell. Retha is constantly reading subtext there isn't one and most of her judgements are not in her favour. Her moral compass is a little skewed - which would explain why she killed three of her lovers and ate them. Oops. She's not diagnosable or schizophrenic by any means but if she's pressed a little too far she'll make you pay, often times with your life.

She's unpredictable and stubborn, therefore she's not likely to change any time soon.

and waltzed around the drain
  • She was brought over to the US as a slave with the rest of her family when she was a child.
  • A veteran of the Underground Railroad, she was turned on her way by a to British North America (Canada) in the early 1800's.
  • She spent the next hundreds of years changing locations every decade or so, and only decided to return to the US in the 1970's after when she heard her last living relative was on their deathbed.
  • She's spent her centuries more-or-less on her own. Despite her new free life, she still feared persecution - this time for her existence as a necrophage.
  • She has killed three of her human paramours, fearing they were going to expose her.
  • Her animal form is a panther.
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Retha Pretorius

Age 203
Gender Female
Sexuality Fluid
Height 5'1"
Build Muscular
Occupation Street Statue
Species Vampire
Subspecies Necrophage
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