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- Authoritarian. Ambitious. Bold.
- Meticulous. Disciplined. Articulate.
- Effeminate. Maternal. Frivolous.
- Conceited. Haughty. Unyielding.
- Artificial. Contradictory. Deceptive.
Cotton, tobacco, copper, and sugarcane boasted wealth and opportunity to all those who settled in Tortola throughout British colonization. But conversely, for the Bates family, it served as a cruel joke. Their troubles seemed to outnumber the grains of sand throughout the islands’ beaches, and weighed heavier than the sea itself. Bad luck followed the family as though it had been written in the stars, and it certainly didn’t help that there were so many bellies to fill, bodies to clothe, and heads to delouse. Most belonged directly to Edmund and Clemence (sniffling, crusty-eyed products of their love and union), but there was always the stray niece, nephew, uncle, or aunt milling about, ravenous and quick to claim whatever was left to spare.

Perhaps if the hurricane had come sooner, if it’d been more gluttonous in its takings, the Bates would’ve left off for the better. The storm hit hard, and it hit relentlessly. Bates’ blood soiled the ragged shores (along with so many others) while trees and towns were ripped apart, and still - it was not enough. Fortune was never in their favor. Those who survived till the pink, smooth dawn were met by another sort of tempest: one that would leave them scathingly resentful of those that’d been snatched away by Poseidon’s hand. Rebirth began in the bowels of a ship heading for the New World, and life began anew as creatures formed from a nightmare. Vampires. The family, broken and bloodthirsty, scattered across the blossoming land to nurse their wounds in shellshocked privacy. Clemence and Edmund remained fiercely, steadfastly together. They turned Revenant when the opportunity came, as their new forms began to empower them as swiftly as it had terrified them. Finally, finally, they had a chance. Oddly (suddenly) influential and immune to vampiric limitations, they felt unstoppable. God-like, almost.

They combed through the United States - taking advantage of whatever each corner of the country had to offer. As decades passed, Edmund grew a far-reaching reputation as an aggressive and incredibly (suspiciously) effective attorney, while Clemence satisfied herself by dabbling in whatever tickled her fancy: cake decorating, sailing, floristry, and mothering - but from afar, of course. All seemed well as long as Clemence could turn a blind eye to those of her brood who still boasted lips stained red... Oh, but misfortune was bound to wriggle its way back into their lives at some point, especially as the Bates’ name had remained steadfast over the centuries. They’d garnered attention, particularly from a group of hunters that began assembling against the sprawling family… Considering their numbers, they were considered a threat, and a formidable one at that. It wasn’t long before they managed to behead Clemence’s sister midway through her morning jog - and drive a stake through her husband’s heart during his commute home from the firm.

Since Edmund’s death, Clemence has been near-inconsolable. And it’s not because for the first time in her life (in centuries), she is alone - after all, her absentee children are slowly but surely coming to their senses, remembering their remaining parent, and returning to the Fairmount house to sit expectantly alongside her… They're just thirsty for Edmund's hard-earned fortune, the greedy bastards.

No, no. It's because she swears she’s next.
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Clemence Bates

Age 369
Gender Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 5'4"
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