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Castalia's Profile
Castalia is very much a free spirit, she has always been comfortable doing her own thing and not holding to what society expects of her. Most would describe her a fiery, a great irony in her opinion. She can be as wild as the wilderness itself, reckless and lively. This is the side most often seen when Cassy is not connected directly to the natural world. While working though she becomes more down to earth, soft spoken and calm. Talia can be as fierce and powerful as a storm, uncontrollable and full of rage. It’s a side that only comes out when provoked and she doesn’t like that aspect of her to be seen.
Castalia was born to Lilith and Kai Burns in the small city of Hood River. The girl had no normal upbringing though. Not with both of her parents being witches from a long bloodline in a well-established coven. The young witch also took after her parents in being able to make a control the elements, most especially fire and earth. So her training in the occult and magic’s started at a very early age. Her life was more than just learning to control her magic. Like her parents she was taught to live a double life. Her parents owned a studio for yoga, reiki, and message therapy so of course Cassy learned all of those practices as well.

It was all quite normal for the girl, she went to school just like all of the humans her age. She just happened to also practice rituals at night with the coven. She snuck out and partied with her peers. Even going as far to do go home with boys or the girls, really whom ever had an energy she liked. It was discovered that in nature, at home, and the studio were the only places where she was well rounded and calm. Anywhere else and the girl had wild uncontrollable energy to burn, causing her to be problem child in school.

Her parents were lack in the discipline department as least when it came to any of the ‘normal’ aspects of life. The girl wasn’t human of course, she was better, at least that was what the coven and her parents reminded her on a daily basis. She was taught there are only three rules that she had to always be followed. Never involve a human in coven affairs. Always respect the magic. Never ever disobey the Coven leader. These were rules the young woman followed to a tee.

Her coven was one that sometimes practiced blood rituals, claiming it was for the good of the coven. That was what Talia was raised to believe. A week before the upcoming full moon ritual the Coven leader pulled her aside. For the first time Castalia was being given the honors of preforming the sacrifice of a vampire. She was greatly pleased until she saw the vampire in question. The creature in the cage was a girl she had known from high school thought to be killed by a Succubus three years prior. A former friend, Elise. For the first time in her life she saw a vampire as more than an undead thing.

When the vampire called her name a feeling of dread came over the young witch. She knew she couldn’t kill the former friend, nor would she let the coven do so. Two nights later she broke the most important rule, always listen to the Coven leader. She broke the Succubus from her cage. The escape didn’t go unheeded though. Other members of the coven attempted to stop things. A fight ensued that night. In which Castalia succeeded in getting Elise away from the coven, but also resulted in a dead member of the coven.

It was only thanks to her parent’s high standing within the coven that she wasn’t killed for her actions. Her actions wouldn’t go unpunished though. Banishment was her life sentence. In secret her parents wouldn’t leave their only child penniless in the big world. They gave her a fair sum of money and told her to go Syracuse, NY. Somewhere that no one from their coven had connections in. She would be safe from her former family, the only people who had ever mattered to her. With the money given to her she did the only thing she could think to do. Open up her own studio and start a new life, knowing no one and without a coven.

When the veil broke it was felt in whispers in the ground by the young witch. It was a scary thing. Alone in a big city with no coven and now no protection. The main thing going for Castalia was the fact that she was good at hiding what she was from the unsuspecting humans. Sadly the young woman was completely unaware of her former coven being one of the ones that had been taken out. How was she to know when they had blocked her connection to them when banished?

Castalia has many tattoos.

-Black 'Helm of Awe' symbol under her bust. Aprox 3x3 inch

-Black 'Witches Knot' symbol at the base of the skull. Aprox. 1x1 inch

-The 'Four Alchemical Elements' symbols in their corresponding colours. Blue for water, yellow for air, green for earth, red for fire. These run along her spine from shoulders to just above her tailbone. Aprox. 3 inches wide for each one

-There are also several small black runes on her feet and legs.

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Castalia Burns

Age 23
Gender Female
Sexuality Pansexual
Height 5'7"
Build Muscular
Occupation Yoga Studio Owner
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Elemental Control and Creation
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