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Iona's Profile
  • Unapologetically loud.
  • Has only ever had one goal in life -- to enjoy herself.
  • Enjoys sarcasm, but realizes when situations call for a softer touch.
  • Tenacious and inquisitive.
  • Lives the 'eye for an eye' kinda life.
  • Loves openly, and expresses her affections often through words and actions no matter how uncomfortable it makes other people.
TW: sexual assault
  • Iona was born into a large, unlucky family. She and her brother, Eoin, shared a father until he met the hangman's noose.
  • From then on Eoin stepped up and into the role of patriarch, something she appreciated and clung to for much of her childhood.
  • But like the perilous tides surrounding the island of Tortola, Iona's defiant will grew with her, and by the time she was a teenager the headstrong young woman had made a sport out of turning her brother and cousin's hair prematurely gray.
  • She was on one such adventure when the hurricane hit. Separated from the majority of her family on the other side of the island, she was first to hear the screams. First they drowned in salt and sand and then they drowned in blood.
  • Three vampires snatched her from her hiding spot behind the sugar cane she used to teeth on. They took her life, among other things, each having a go before they turned her.
  • Miraculously, much of her family had survived, including her brother and cousin. She never told them what happened, just that she was like them too.
  • Centuries passed and the trio became their own thirsty clean up crew, taking out the scum as they moved from one city to the next.
  • She's never fully processed what happened to her back in Tortola. Instead, she lives her life big and loud and loose as a sign of rebellion against her past.
  • Iona habitually picks up friends and lovers, finding great use (and great love) for them in the moment before unhooking them and letting them drift away.
  • One of her most recent trysts, however, took a far more obsessive turn. The passion was mutual but the depth of their emotional and physical bond spooked her enough to sever things in classic Bates fashion: quick and dirty.
  • Coming along with her brother and cousin to Syracuse, she's found the city as agreeable as any other, occupying most of her time by being an endless strain on both their psyches in an effort to forget the one person who's managed to get under her skin: Ezra Halabi.
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Iona Bates

Age 320
Gender Female
Sexuality Fluid
Height 5'2"
Build Slim
Occupation Menace
Species Vampire
Subspecies None
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