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Before Astrid was born, there was a great discussion in the Parrish household about having another child. Devout Catholics, Robert and Nanne Parrish were staunchly against the use of birth control and had enough trouble conceiving their other two daughters Frida & Sigrid that they did not believe in wasting a single blessing.

The older girls were 6 and 12 by the time Astrid entered the world, and because of the trauma surrounding the birth, Nanne agreed with her doctors that it was better for her health if she had no more children. Tubes were tied, and the Parrishes took their final daughter home to their modest Dutch Colonial in Boston.

The Parrish home was a traditional one. Mass on Sundays and Wednesday evenings, music lessons beginning at four years, and a sports requirement when they entered middle school. All three girls attended a private boarding school, Saint Spencer's School for Girls, south of Boston, near Plymouth beginning in the 6th grade.

By the example of her eldest sibling, Astrid took up fencing when she moved from her day school to St. Spencer's. To this day, she is reluctant to use any weapons other than blades in her 'evening job.'

Accepted to Columbia's theology program after high school, Astrid found herself thrust into big city life. Several paternal cousins–natives of the city–happily took her under their wing upon her arrival, and she made it through her school years without discrediting herself or her name. By whose grace, Astrid is not entirely sure.

Robert's family had close ties to prominent officials and families famous in their fields for their long traditions of vampire hunting. There was little effort made on his part to stop his children from wishing to pursue that path since he saw it as a noble calling. Frida and Sigrid both chose the cause long before Astrid left for college.

Carmine was always an option, but the Parrish sisters did not see any point to tying themselves to an organization when they had the resources of centuries of legacy.
In a cathedral in the city several years after Astrid's graduation, the sisters spoke in hushed voices. The knelt in a neat line, Astrid in the middle, discussing the future in daylight. Tourists milled at the fringes of the magnificent structure, admiring the images of saints and stained glass windows. Frida and Sigrid argued over Astrid's bowed head, their rosaries forgotten.

More dangerous than a vampire? Impossible.
It's truth, may he strike me down if I lie. Sigrid put a pale hand over her heart.
Where, then?
North, my sources say.

And North, they went.
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