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Alex's Profile

▹ Loyal
▹ Mouthy
▹ Quick to hold a grudge
▹ Secret softie
▹ Manipulative


TW: trafficking, drugs, abuse.

▹ Grew up in the Midwest under the more or less absent watch of a single mother.
▹ Spent her childhood surrounded by TV dinners and ill-fitted hand-me-down's. Left mostly to her own devices, learned at any early age the value of image and the importance of being able to defend one's self.
▹ At age eleven she gets into a heated disagreement with her less than sober mother, comes into her powers and ends up slamming a door on her hand in the process. They never talk about it, but the atmosphere suggests her mother remembers enough to know it was impossible.
▹ In her preteen's she becomes a sage expert at couch surfing and making the backseat of car's into suitable beds - does what she can to avoid home.
▹ At age sixteen she falls into what she finds out to be the wrong crowd. Does what she can to scrape together enough money to head out west - gives up on the idea of graduating.
▹ Starts selling for a local dealer, cocaine mostly. On a walk back home from a particularly lucrative deal, is attacked and comes to in a freight car that is, ironically, far from home.
▹ Alex bides her time and keeps quiet, does what's asked and bottles up her fear as she waits for the right moment to strike and make her escape.
▹ Instead, she meets another witch - the first that she'd encountered in her life. He takes enough of a shine to move her into his home, keeps her well fed and cared for. It is, pathetically enough, the nicest set of conditions she can recall.
▹ Time turns her tolerance into affection, softens the man to her enough that she see's him as equal. Two superiors in a world of mundane.
▹ Eventually her patience is rewarded with an open door, the offer to leave and set off on her own as she had wanted. With a good deal of shame, she stays instead - takes a position working for her former captor and excels beyond expectations, frightens herself frequently with how little the work itself bothers her.
▹ Rides the high of her success for years, happy and confident - that all comes crashing down in the span of one afternoon and a thorough raid.
▹After collective hour after hour of questioning, continues to not budge an inch and keeps her mouth shut. Time and experience helped to cement that, the ultimate value of loyalty. She stands resolute, until a new set of interrogators and a knife between the shoulder blades - "Your partner's given you up. You can either go to jail or come work for us."
▹ Sorrow quickly turns to rage and she happily takes the deal, uses her new position as something to vent her anger, a door to slam.
▹ Within the confines of Carmine (or at least, the Syracuse branch), Alex makes herself into a staple. Familiarizes herself with it's hunters and does what she can to procure the best.
▹ It's grueling, hard, stressful work - but she keeps on top of the wheel and meets deadline after deadline, throws everything into it.

▹Has a calico named Beefy, probably likes him more than anyone else.
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Alexandra Johnson

Age 25
Gender Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 5'3"
Build Scrawny
Occupation Carmine Trafficker
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Telekinesis
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Date of Birth: October 30
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