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Doug's Profile
-Highly intelligent
-Comes across as smug (and sometimes he is)
-Magnet for trouble
-Excellent listener
-Born into a working poor family on the South Side of Chicago.
-Spent his early years as a latchkey kid because of his parents' punishing work schedules and struggles to make ends meet. His favorite activities were the library (free) or sneaking into the science museum or the aquarium; one of the workers took pity on him and would let him in when on shift.
-Popular target for teasing in elementary school and bullies from sixth grade onward.
-Was skipped ahead from seventh to ninth grade.
-Discovered by a local witch who could sense his power and took him under his wing. This mentorship became his most significant relationship.
-Remained local after graduation, attending the University of Chicago on academic scholarship. He pursued a dual degree in Chemistry and Biology.
-Pursued his PhD in Biochemistry.
-Was in a two-person coven with his mentor during this time.
-Moved to Syracuse when offered a job opportunity with a University research lab and to flee trouble.
-Calls himself the "Science Wizard."
Doug's innate power functions in two capacities. The first is that he is able to detect not only the presence of supernatural beings and witches as all witches can but he can identify their abilities, activate spells affecting them, or the properties of magical items. The second is that he is effectively a catalyst. He can dampen or enhance another being's innate powers or the the blood magic of a coven when he is involved, allowing them to achieve feats greater than their numbers might otherwise allow.

His vision is atrocious and he wears prescription bifocals at all times.

His blood is 50% black coffee.

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Douglas Stevens

Age 33
Gender Male
Sexuality Asexual
Height 6'0"
Build Scrawny
Occupation Scientst
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Magical Detection and Augmentation
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