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Determined. Compassionate. Ambitious. Guarded. Insecure. Resilient.

Despite being a bloodsucking monster, Elise strives to maintain her humanity no matter what. She despises what she is and attempts to distance herself from her vampiric nature as much as she can. Her heart is in the right place though and kindness is inherently natural to her. Yet she tends to keep people at arm’s length, for both their safety and her own wellbeing. After everything she has gone through, Elise remains strong of spirit and faces hardships with an indomitable will. She has resolved to use her cursed life for the better and to help as many people as she can, to make up for her past wrongdoings.


  • Grew up in a small town in Oregon among a very mundane and human family until she left for a prestigious university.
  • At nineteen, she was enthralled and then brutally attacked by a Succubus, who cruelly decided to turn her into a vampire.
  • For three years, she was incapable of resisting her sire’s wishes and essentially acted as a slave. Often, she was forced to use her seemingly harmless demeanour to lure victims into a trap where they would be slaughtered.
  • As her resentment of her sire grew, slowly the control he had over her began to diminish to the point where she was able to make her escape.
  • After being rejected by her family for being a monster, she was ambushed and captured by a coven of witches that intended to sacrifice her and use her vampiric blood in a ritual.
  • It turned out that a childhood friend of hers, Castalia, was a member of the coven and she intended on helping Elise escape.
  • Soon after their reunion, Castalia seemingly disappeared without a trace. Elise felt indebted to Castalia for saving her life, but also because the witch was only person to have shown her any form of true kindness in years.
  • For the past several months, Elise has made her way across the country seeking out Castalia. She has since arrived in Syracuse, where she has started working the night shift as a waitress in a tacky little diner, trying to retain some sort of normalcy.
  • Elise continues to feed on humans because it is the only means of surviving as a vampire that she has been taught. However, she tries to do so as scarcely as possible and holds out hope that someone can teach her another way.
  • Though she believes that her life is irredeemable, Elise wants to make the most of it and help people where she can. Her dreams of becoming a doctor have been postponed, but not forgotten.
  • Detailed

    From a mundane human family, Elise’s childhood was nothing out of the ordinary. She grew up in a small Oregon town with her parents and two siblings. In school, she excelled in her studies and intended on continuing to medical school. Primarily to strengthen her college applications, she participated in many extracurricular activities, from the student body council to cheerleading to tutoring her peers.

    Eventually she was accepted into a prominent university and began her post-secondary education soon after graduation. During her first year, Elise and her friends decided to attend a party that they assumed would be like any other. While she usually enjoyed herself, this time Elise was on edge, constantly looking over her shoulder. She had an unrelenting feeling that somebody was watching her—and someone was.

    Somehow, she had caught the eye of a Succubus, who had decided that Elise was his next victim. The handsome stranger that had approached her was immensely charming and she was completely spellbound. Despite the warning bells in her head insisting that he was dangerous, he had lulled her into a false sense of security.

    That night, her life ended. The terror Elise felt would be ingrained in her mind forever.

    Cornered, she could only cower helplessly as dread set in. This man was not human. The memories were vivid: excruciating pain as his fangs ripped into her throat, her futile and desperate struggle, weakness setting in as he drained her of her essence, and her small body crumpling to the ground where she awaited death.

    There was little that Elise remembered before fading away. Though she assumed this was the end, the vampire was far from done with her. After forcing her to drink his blood, he abandoned her on the cold floor where her friends would later find her body—though he would never be too far away.

    Pronounced dead at only nineteen years old, her family and friends mourned as they buried her body—all of them unaware that this was far from the end. When Elise finally awoke, a ravenous hunger gnawed at her insides. Disoriented and lost, the only vaguely familiar thing among the bleak graveyard was the face of her sire, smiling. He came bearing a gift: a frightened human. There was no hesitation as Elise lunged at them, tearing into their neck and gorging herself on their blood until she satiated her voracious appetite. In the end, they were bled dry. All notion of control had vanished—she was no better than a wild animal.

    Soon after, her servitude began. No better than a slave, she was at her sire’s beck and call, fulfilling his every whim—and she had absolutely no power to resist him. No matter what he wanted, Elise complied. Despite her willingness to obey his commands, resentment burned deep within her. He had ruined her, stolen her life, and now he was forcing her to do despicable things. Often, she was used as bait, luring unsuspecting humans into a trap that they would often not escape. Elise despised what she had become: a disgusting creature that survived off death and destruction. Yet she hated her sire the most.

    3 years passed and Elise was unable to do anything about her situation other than silently and grudgingly carry out her sire’s demands. The bond they shared kept her firmly in his grasp, as did the terror of what he would do to her if she attempted to escape. However, the hold he had on her was slowly wearing off.

    Eventually, a chance finally presented itself and she took it, forgoing fear of the consequences if she failed. Elise fled, immediately seeking out her family in Oregon, who she longed to be reunited with. She showed up at her parents’ doorstep, only to have the joy and hope she felt snuffed out. Her family outright rejected her, afraid of what she had become and claiming that she was no longer their daughter, but a monster in her skin.

    Devastated beyond belief, Elise left her childhood home, more lost than she had ever been before. The consideration of returning to her sire even crossed her mind as she yearned for any sense of belonging. Yet in her state of grief, she was her most vulnerable. Using the daylight to their advantage, a group of assailants caught Elise off guard, subduing and capturing her. She stood no chance against these people with strange powers she had never seen before.

    When she came to, Elise panicked in her realization that she was locked up. Who was to know that by escaping one cage, she would only end up in another? Later, she would learn her captors were witches from a coven that intended to use her vampiric blood in a ritual, where she would be their sacrifice. But perhaps the most surprising thing of all was that she recognized a face: Castalia, a childhood friend of hers. Desperately, she called out her name, begging for her help and wondering how the girl she had known had gotten wrapped up in this insanity.

    When nothing happened, Elise solemnly resigned herself to her fate. But two nights later Castalia reappeared to break Elise out of her prison—though the rest of the coven members were not about to stand idly by. A struggle ensued and Elise fought tooth and nail, not about to squander her last chance to survive. In the end, Elise was able to escape and she did not hesitate to express her gratitude for her friend’s altruism. Their reunion was not destined to last long as they hurriedly had to part ways for Castalia to deal with her coven in the aftermath—though that would be the last time they saw each other for quite some time, much to Elise’s dismay.

    When she returned to seek out Castalia, she discovered that the witch had vanished. Elise was at a loss as to what to do with her newfound freedom, but she decided that she needed to find Castalia. Her old friend had given her a second chance at life and Elise felt indebted to her. Over the next several months, she travelled across the country searching for her. Whispers here and there eventually led her to Syracuse, where she has since managed to secure a job as a waitress to support herself while she continues to look. While her exhaustive efforts to locate Castalia persist, Elise has done her best to lay low, dreading the day her sire finally catches up to her.

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