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Cordelia's Profile
TW: mental illness, suicide
  • Her parents loved her as much as they could coming and going from the multiple jobs needed to keep their family afloat.
  • The Winfields were wealthy with problems. Her mother was schizophrenic, her father was depressed, and her brother -- well, he seemed to be his own kind of monster.
  • She ended up raising Connor from the time he was six until he was about thirteen. She tried. She failed more times than she could count.
  • At fifteen she got a job as a waitress to help out with bills. At this point, her mother had been out of work for some time due to her illness.
  • No one told her she was a witch.
  • The power manifested after the bank seized their home, something Delia's never been able to forgive herself for.
  • Connor had enough friends to comfortably couch surf until graduation. Her father disappeared. Her mother committed suicide.
  • Alone in the bathroom, sitting next to a tub overflowing with red, Delia clutched her mother's hand and turned her to solid gold.
  • Not knowing what to do, she ran.
  • She doesn't like using her power, the semblance of poverty being the only thing that ties her to her family, but she isn't above using it in a pinch.
  • More secretive and elusive than most, Cordelia isolates herself, terrified of becoming the wrong kind of puppet to the wrong kind of person should anyone find out.
- She has a prevalent stutter that worsens when she's nervous or angry.
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Cordelia Winfield

Age 26
Gender Female
Sexuality Demisexual
Height 5'4"
Build Scrawny
Occupation Hobbyist
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Midas Touch
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