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Rasmus's Profile
⇝ Rasmus is genderfluid, and so her preferred pronouns tend to vary day to day along with her expressed gender.
⇝ Highly intelligent, Rasmus is intensely interested in a great many things: history, literature, music, fashion ... and above all, magic.
⇝ He play the cello and sings, both as hobbies.
⇝ Intensely focused, she sometimes completely tunes out everything except what she's working on.
⇝ Vain, possessive, and temperamental, Rasmus has a decidedly negative side.
⇝ He has the backbone to back up his temper and is stubborn and rebellious. He won't let people push him into things that he doesn't want to do.
⇝ Rasmus can be very demanding, and incredibly needy and clingy. Still, she can manage on her own. She just prefers not to.
⇝ Incredibly submissive when he gets deep enough into a relationship, he'll hand over the reins to someone he trusts deeply.
⇝ Shy and skittish on the outside, these traits can come across as arrogance and snobbishness.
⇝ He has depths that aren't always revealed right at first but become obvious as he warms up to you.
⇝ Rasmus Adonis Ryll.
⇝ Born to a wealthy family and a shallow mother.
⇝ Spoiled, but emotionally neglected.
⇝ Has two younger sisters.
⇝ Started music lessons young.
⇝ Came out as genderfluid at fourteen.
⇝ This was about the same time she discovered she didn't care about gender when it came to sexual attraction.
⇝ His powers came to him during a teenage one night stand.
⇝ His father disappeared when he was sixteen, never to be seen again.
⇝ Her last coven was her family, which she left when she moved out at seventeen.
⇝ Part of the reason she left was because she was suspicious of the circumstances of her father's death.
⇝ Studied photography in college.
⇝ Recently opened her own photography studio, Roses and Thorns Photography.
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⇝ Rasmus possesses sex magic.
⇝ Rasmus is naturally alluring and attractive (although clearly not everyone is attracted).
⇝ Raz can raise magical power through sex acts.
⇝ This power increases her allure, increases her health, and lengthens her youth and lifespan.
⇝ Basically the more often Rasmus is having sex, the more attractive she is.
⇝ More intimate or otherwise 'higher quality' sex produces better results.
⇝ She is also a skilled practitioner with blood magic; however, she hasn't been in a coven ten years.
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Rasmus Ryll

Age 27
Gender Nonbinary
Sexuality Pansexual Androromantic
Height 5'4"
Build Slim
Occupation Photographer
Species Witch
Subspecies None
Power Sex Magic
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