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Effortlessly communicated desire coursed through Esmond even after his hand withdrew. So many cues were unspoken that their relationship had the look and feel of a waltz. He saw himself as the leader in many of these dances, but the dominance shifted depending on the situation. A perfect example took place in the car; Esmond providing the spark while his wife added fuel and fanned flames. 

There was little he could do to stop this blaze. Persephone knew her game. She had done it to lesser females time and again. Subtlety not in her repertoire, he rather thought she went easy on the other woman. Still, there was little benefit in completely alienating future allies no matter how temporary they might be on the grand scale. Esmond picked a piece of lint from his travel jacket, rolling the bundle of thread and cloth between his fingers, watching the tennis match between the front and back seats with sharp, dark eyes. 

Esmond assessed Etain with a quick, informed glance. "Green is doubtless your color," he said, turning back to the windshield, bored. "Nothing wrong with a bit of pomp in the name diverting attention." He feared any gathering at their new residence might endanger his own life or Persephone's should word reach outside their new sphere of influence. Perhaps there was a need to call on their lesser relatives. Untoward storms and lightning strikes could solve the problem of unknown vehicles on country roads with no one the wiser. Nothing wrong with being prepared. Rudely, he took his phone from his lap and added another bullet point to his list of reminders. "Connections, friends, and meeting space all move forward." He glanced at Etain, "Now, where do we begin?" 

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