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When Giovanna was in California during World War II, she fell in with a group of Revenants in Long Beach, most of whom were aspiring musicians, actors, and artists. There was a movement to see more vampires in those industries. Supporting this, Giovanna agreed to be sire to one of those actors (musicians or artists) who submitted themselves for review.

After a lengthy process, Beatrice was chosen for her. Lawyers put in a clause to release Giovanna's obligation to her progeny after 20 years of teaching. She signed with the full intention of staying in the area for the contracted length of time. Several others turned at the same time. The pair had a community to live with and learn from; it was a favorable business arrangement.

When the contract expired, Giovanna left to build her empire. They remain vaguely in touch, but Giovanna doesn't advertise the relationship. The money she received from her part in the endeavor acted as the seeds for her investments and helped spark her now-considerable fortune.

Beatrice remained in LA and Hollywood for six decades, before moving her operation to New York. (around 2010). If she's an actor, perhaps to be on Broadway; musician, to make the East Coast more accessible for her fans; artist, make Europe a more comfortable trip to oversee art installations or to recharge her muse. These are just suggestions.

Whichever way you choose, she and Giovanna reconnected, and Giovanna became a tacit supporter of her endeavors. If that's monetary or emotional, you can decide. Both, even! How Beatrice ends up in Syracuse is entirely up to you. Sabbatical with her maker to stir the pot, or maybe she's got a stalker (or something more sinister).

Name is flexible, and so is face! Sarah Hyland is above, and few other suggestions are Lorde, Lauren Mayberry (lead singer of CVRCHES), Kiernan Shipka, but those are just from the top of my head. Anyone will do as long as she identifies female. Giovanna's got enough men in her life right now.

Go wild, folks.

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