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Rebel Yell

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The story was old. The girl who'd sat on that porch was long-dead. Moira couldn't even remember the tones of their sisters' voices anymore, much less the simple feelings of accomplishment she'd experienced working from pre-dawn to dusk on the tasks of daily life. Another tear leaked out of one eye to fall to her hospital gown.

She did remember using a dishwasher for the first time, marveling at how it cut an hour out of cleaning up after cooking a meal. Have I cooked this week? The answer was 'no,' but Moira fooled herself into thinking she had. 

Knox's kiss was scratchy. Moira pulled her head away, listening to his words with a subtle pout. Of two minds, she thought about the number of times she'd lain  panting and bleeding on the ground staring at a shriveled corpse. Was it joy she felt then? She couldn't really say. Clean and driving up to Carmine HQ was a different sensation. Thrusting a fat check into the ATM. What was happiness, anyway? 

"But what would we do? We've got a mortgage to pay. We have to eat, dude." Moira asked, looking up at him. She wasn't arguing, and if she wasn't a killer, she was undoubtedly a planner.
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Yeah, dude, I’m aware.” That didn’t mean he had a laundry list of jobs lined up they could try. Their lack of education and general preparedness for capitalist society suited their current lifestyle. Knox worried their options would only ever be cows or killing. “I know how to build things, fix things.” He said suddenly. “I’ll look at ads in the paper for a handyman or some shit.” Still a luddite at heart, he would forever opt to swerve around technology when he could.

I think you’re selling yourself short, Moira. You’re plenty capable. You’re a stubborn asshole, you can do whatever you want.”
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