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Emil longed for the golden years. The nostalgia no doubt came from renewed aging, but who could tell the difference between 30 and 33 when they looked in the mirror? He could count the lines at the corners of his eyes, and he swore the sparkling greys would completely take over his head before he looked 40 or renewed ties to a coven. Not really looking to do the latter with anyone but his family or their associates, he resigned himself to slowly becoming an old man. He'd seen the auras of the other witches in town. They were all infants. It was not a request one made lightly of another witch. 

Clipping new growth from vines, flowers, and tiny saplings, he swept the debris into composting tins to encourage the out-of-season greenhouse crops to grow despite the cold that waited for them on the other side of the glass. While this material saw use, it was more for the sake of appearances. Best not to take chances with the shredded veil. 

He told a pear sapling to grow a few inches and wiggle its roots so he could free it from the almost-too-small pot. Transferring the tree to a larger planter, he pushed earth around the base, prodding new roots down to bury themselves. After a few minutes, the tiny tree shook violently, then settled. This behavior was normal–like snuggling underneath warm blankets. 

Ferns and vines that framed the front door began to sing. It wasn't music, exactly, but the sound buzzed between his ears like the tolling of a bell. Useful for when he was alone in the shop, workroom, or greenhouse after sunset on winter nights. Hissing followed; sounds mixed with strong aversion and dislike. Emil's head shot up, looking toward the open workroom door. He could not feel any chilly drafts, but the plants complained in riotous fashion, apparently unconcerned with being discovered. They flexed and squirmed in their crockery, reaching toward the stranger. 

Emil walked south through the greenhouse, workroom, and into the shop, standing on the threshold. In his wake grew long branches of euphorbia, their insidious matrices of thorns rising like the heads of adders above his shoulders. Over his head, a thick branch of his honey locust splintered the wood of the lintel, shooting spines out to cover his head. 

"Oh," he said to the figure at the front of the shop. "Wait, how long have you been here?" He demanded, nonplussed. 


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Over the course of the centuries that came and went like pages turned and sealed into place, she'd seen enough to form an armor of sorts. So many types of spectacular, so much horror and beauty that went hand in hand and often overlapped into a chaotic and interwoven mess. It formed a callous, a sort of numb to the impossible that was a nightly part of her reality. Plants shook and rustled rubbery leaves, vines, slithered like serpents and the whole lot of it all poised itself like a well-respected guard dog. It was impressive in scale, but the movement itself had lost its splendor to time - on a long enough timeline, everything became commonplace.

"Vague." It wasn't, she supposed, but that didn't stop her from saying it, all the same, level in tone as she drummed the very tips of her fingers along the lip of a shelf and wondered a few steps further into the storefront. "If here means your business ..." She watched the fauna that curled around him like an old friend. "Not very long at all." Syracuse, on the other hand - but she imagined they would perhaps get to that in due time.

"It's been quite a while," She considered a small cluster of greenery - lowlight, a personal preference that she could appreciate. She brushed a finger along the center of one of the leaves, followed the vein on the stem. Uncharacteristically gentle. "I trust you've been behaving?"

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