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Old Friends, New Adventures.

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Double checking to make sure he'd found the right shop, the slight witch entered and looked around at the impressive array of plants arranged by his old friend. They'd spent time together, along with Emil's sister, back around World War II in Connecticut. Now that he'd heard of his friend here in Syracuse he couldn't help but come to see him again.

At the moment, however, he just wandered around the front room, curls falling in his eyes as he inspected the vibrant, healthy plants that Emil had produced. Would Emil still look the same, or would his friend be older? No doubt still attractive, but older was a possibility. Keir himself had aged a little bit since the forties, not much but a little.

And where was Isolde? He hadn't expected to find one without the other, not that he expected to find either Agrippa sibling. He had so many questions, but thankfully most would answer themselves. Maybe Isolde was even around, and he'd just not heard about her. That seemed more likely than her being gone.

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