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out, damn spot

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Hospital shifts were long, he'd always known they would be. 5 years in nursing and nothing had changed, the hours always remained the same. 12 hour shifts, few breaks, frequent overtime. Returning home late every night and scrubbing his skin for 30 minutes in the shower, ceaselessly. How did it still stain red?

Tonight was no different. Dawn was but a few hours away, but Ikaros did not intend on seeing its entrance - for he would be sound asleep by then. Cheap trainer-clad feet stumbled over the cobbled pavements as the man paid far more attention to his softly grumbling stomach than to where he was treading. Few foodie places were open this late, and Ikaros had quite refined taste, but there was little in his fridge besides the putrid rind of a fragrant (disgusting) blue cheese and a few dregs of green top milk in a glass bottle. He stopped at an early-hours takeaway, begrudgingly settling for a limp, soggy looking veggie burger and fries. It wasn't much, and cost him far more than it was worth, but it'd do.

Ikaros ate as he walked, sweeping mayonnaise from his bottom lip with a deft index finger and paying even less attention to the road in front of him than he had before the food. His apartment was only a few blocks away, he'd walked the route so many times now he could do it blindfolded and having been spun on the spot for a minute or two, and the call of his bed was far more appealing than the idea of not falling flat on his face into a puddle.

Westside's streets were quiet, as per usual, and Ikaros began to absent-mindedly entertain himself by humming a soft, if a little haunting, melody.


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