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Give Into the Dark

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Fuck, fuck, fuckity-fuck.

Work bag ripped viciously from his shoulder, Ezra tossed it onto the closest tabletop. Loose papers and empty delivery cartons flurried to the floor, joining the preexisting collection of debris surrendered hopelessly to the dust-bunnies and cold concrete. Candy wrappers, crooked paperclips, the odd adderall or acetaminophen tablet...

He hadn't made it more than a couple steps into the Carmine lobby before the receptionist, smirking, had pointed at the overhead television.

Live footage of what appeared to be thirty inches of snow (still falling strong) ignited the realization with a desolate shiver: he wasn't going anywhere, not for any time soon. 

And perhaps that would've been okay; his daily tasks were finished and he had about three hours' worth of unwatched pornography burning a tantalizingly-sized hole in his computer bookmarks. Between that and his recently restocked rec-drawer, Ezra had the potential to be set for hours. Days, really.

But thirteen wrist-wracking minutes into "Yule Log, My Log" with the season’s favorite “Cumming Around the Mountain” queued up close behind, the power cut out.

"Oh, for the goddamn-fucking-love of all that is--"

Ezra's face shot towards the desk. Not to slam his forehead down in frustration, as he was wont to do in trying times, or even to mercy-suffocate himself in the impressively-sized mountain of crumpled tissues littering his desk, but to snort down the last two lines of white powder he'd had ready and waiting--

His nose and throat exploded with the astringency of smoking fireworks before fading pleasantly into a thick, oily numbness.

The building's stolen electricity seemed to manifest in his extremities. His face, his fingers, his toes - they sparked, they buzzed. Jittering, weightless feet guided him towards the door, out into the hallway. His office had gone pitch-fucking-black, and he knew for a fact that the overly-cautious Dr. Klein kept a flashlight in her bottommost desk drawer. Not a Yule log, but it’d do.  

Besides, maybe he’d stumble across the bottle of Scotch he’d gifted her over the holidays… Unlikely, but certainly worth a shot.

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