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Killer Keg Stand

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"Yo, this is my bro, Mac, the one I was telling you about. Yeah yeah yeah, he's gonna hook our shit up." Eric Colton had a sharp name and a sharp smile. His features were the kind you'd want to make into a stamp. That was his end goal, a pedigreed politician with all the charm and wit of a perfect candidate and all the money and whiteness to keep nights like these hidden. He clapped the back of Mac's neck and squeezed, the gesture one of bruising familiarity. 

Mac hated him, but he hated most people. 

Eric's fraternity brothers howled with approval, pounding his back until his lungs rattled. With the amount of time he'd spent on campus since coming to Syracuse, he felt like he'd earned an honorary degree: Junkie Studies with a minor in Hedonistic Party Culture. The night was winding up, and Mac began to make his rounds, slipping bags of pills into open palms. It was good money, and he still managed to pass as a student, a peer. He'd cash in while he could. 

Coming up to a small group of girls, he looked them over, settling on the blonde across from him. "Any of you interested in having some real fun?"


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