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Big dick energy.

Connor thought he had it, but the unforgivingly blustery single-digit Syracuse temperatures had no problem stripping him of the title... and the rest of his manhood entirely. 

Granted, the booze blanket helped immensely, but considering that his chosen outfit (threadbare jeans, a hooded sweatshirt - both beyond sodden from multiple tumbles and dives into the surrounding snowbanks) wasn’t much protection against the cold, he was pretty much fucked.

Numb and pale, Connor stumbled on and off the buried sidewalk, snow up to his knees and still falling heavily. Though falling was pretty much a given every couple of steps, the fresh, powdery accumulation did wonders to cushion each unintentional, stiff-kneed dive. 

"CORDELIA!" He shouted, cupping frozen, colorless hands around blue lips to amplify himself even more. 


She'd given him her address when she’d first moved, but it was no help that his phone was (assumedly) buried underneath several feet of snow a couple of blocks back. Besides, even if he'd had it, none of the houses had obvious numbers and all fucking looked all the same. He'd knocked on a few doors already - getting cursed out once, invited inside twice, and completely ignored more times than he cared to admit. Whatever. 

Sooner or later, she’d hear him. 

Either that or he’d freeze to death - which honestly wouldn't be the worst way to go.

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