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Lilith Offline
It was always something with her. Life was melodramatic as fuck. If she wasn’t fighting with vampires, she was running away from her problems to Iceland. Spoiler alert - there was nothing special or life-altering about Iceland. It was a place just like anywhere else. Even if you changed the scenery, the narrative was still the same. Wherever you go, your problems follow. What a cliché. Lily thought to herself as she sipped hot chocoate. She hadn’t indulged in a winter activity, no sking, no snowshoeig, or skating had occured, but it was snowing like hell was freezing over and she was stuck inside.

She thought about calling a friend to see if they were nearby, but who would be nearby in this weather? Scrolling through her phonewas like spinning the wheel of fortune. Which friend would be lucky enough to get the brunt of her psychoanalysis? There wasn’t anyone that immediately came to mind, and as Lilith scrolled through her contacts she realised howfew friends she actuay had.

Wondering for a moment if any local businesses would be open on a day like this; certainly not, one would think. Yet there he was hoping that someone would be, just for her, to ease her lonliness. She had time enough to slip her arms through the sleeve of her coat, and wrap a woven carf with pockets on each end around her neck before she realised how foolhardy this mission of hers was. What was she gonna do, go out in te snow and get lost in the storm?

Taking all her wather appropriate accoutrements was a ritual of resignation. She sined heavily, before heading to her couch and picking up her pone. Launching the Bumble app she made her way throug photos of people in her area – maybe a stranger would be more apt to keep er company.

She picked someone at random and deliberated over her greeting at length. It was suprisingly difficult to be spontanous in a text when ou had all the time you needed to consider the initiationg of the conversation. Deciding to type the first thing that came to mind and press send, lest she spend all day on the cusp of a conclusion, she sent the folllowing…

Hey, who is questioning themelves for living alone in a blizzard? This girl.

Played by: Kat

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Iona Offline
The supreme reign of the dating app gave her new ways to hunt. Having just risen for the night, she rolled over in bed and checked the long list of messages waiting for her on her phone. The woman's vague greeting was one of many tentative, human 'hellos'. Iona didn't disclose her species in her profile, despite it being against the application's terms of service. She hadn't gotten caught yet.

Make sure your heat is working. I don't think 'Popsicle' would be a good look for you.

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