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Pompeii In A Snow Storm | Open

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How It All Started

Grief and rage threatened to spill the entire drive. She was going to the lake. It was only place she could think to go to quickly while still being away from people. Talia wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold the threads of control together. Right now it was almost too much to even manage driving, much less dealing with stupid traffic or people. Thankfully no human would dare venture out in this storm. For the witch it was nothing to push the snow out of her path and let the wind push it back after her. Her mother was dead and her father dying. She had been banished here and wasn’t able to protect her family. Using her powers was the furthest thing from her mind.

Getting to the parking lot she turned the car off and hastily jumped out. By now her skin was burning hot so in a reckless flurry she ripped her clothes off and left them in the car with the keys. No one would steal a car in this weather. Not that she was thinking about such things at the moment. Castalia turned and make her way to the lake. As she moved the snow melted around her and the storm only grew more intense as she moved. 

Once she reached the edge of the water she let go of what little control she had left. Talia let out a scream and dropped to her knees. The elements reacted to her agony. The ground under her rumbled furiously, flames burst forth onto her skin, the wind screamed with her, and icy snow poured from the sky. It was all too much. She had never felt like this before. Before long the screaming turned to uncontrollable sobbing if it wasn’t for the heat of the blames the tears would have surely frozen on her face. The two emotions pulled her back and forth. Carmine had taken away her family, whoever the hell they were. She hadn’t been there to help them. 

A strong desire was forming. Deep in the earth she could feel it, the magma that was awaiting her call to pull it to the surface. Part of her wanted to summon it an lay waste to everything. This was all the humans fault. She wanted to punish whoever did this to her family, and since she didn’t know who did it she could take everyone out. Turn this whole damn country into pompeii. The ground rumbled even more. In that moment it was only her love for those things not human that she stopped pulling forth the magma and causing mass destruction. It was hard to stop the flow of magic into the ground though. Going into the lake would help. 

Yet when the young woman went to stand she found that she had no strength in her legs. With more sobbing she crawled her way out onto the ice, which was starting to melt due to the flames. The rumbling mellowed a bit then. Had the women being thinking straight she never would have been making such a show of her powers. If she was lucky the snow and earth moving would keep any fool far away.

Played by: Trisha

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Power: Elemental Control and Creation

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Winter was the worst season to be a vampire. At least one of her kind, it was hard to say for others. The threat of seasonal affective disorder led one to believe that the rays of light would be perhaps dimmed enough to venture out during the day. This was, unfortunately, not the case. At least the nights were longer - give meer humans the run of the day, just lengthen the nights so that the shadows can roam longer. But the tantalizing quality of sunlight was not the only aspect of winter that wreaked havoc in the lives of necrophages, oh no, there was much worse. 

Starvation, with none of the human affectations that could bring pity to your rescue.  

Back in the days when dead bodies were kept in the home for funerals and burials, the winter months were the longest. If it were possible to establish enough trust necessary to ally oneself with humans, there was usually only one death to glean from that friendship and there was no time to spare. You couldn't befriend someone with the base motivation that those around them, or they themselves, were bound to die soon. How morbid. It was just not the kind of thing Retha could allow herself to even consider, much less act upon. 

As such, there was no telling where and when your next meal would be bought to your lips, even when bodies were buried, there was no insulation in the caskets to keep the bodies from freezing. Even though a necrophage's teeth were strong enough to tear through flesh and bone - everything was frozen and there weren't many nutrients to be had from flesh once frigid. So Retha found herself skulking around at night, without even the rhythm and mist of her beath to count off the time passing. 

Thus Retha skulked through the nights, searching for freshly dug and buried cemetery plots for a decent meal, rarely finding enough to satiate her. The more time passed between her meals, the more her body changed. There were fewer chances for blood to course through her body, warm and soothing and her skin took on a blue-grey palour similar to those corpses that would taunt her, "Not me, not this time. Find someone else." they would say, and she'd ask why, knowing the answer but not able to accept it. Her extremities were affected more strongly. The skin became so pale that you could see the veins clear as day, snaking up her arms and legs.. If it got cold enough, icicles would form on her lips, the ends of her fingers, hang from her lashes and stick to her eyebrows. 

Her hunger was so strong, her sharp teeth were born almost constantly. she scarcely had the strength - certainly, she could put the meagre remains of her forces to better use.

She may not breathe and her heart may not beat, but she would never give in. Her will to live was as strong as it ever was when she was alive.  

Suddenly, she heard a scream pierce through the night's stillness. Her body sprung into action and she was driven to the source of the sound. Retha hastened quickly and quietly through the snow, until she saw the woman who'd cried out. At first Retha thought it might be in agony, which was promising. She may not be able to take a person's life, but considering the circumstances, might be able to wait until they froze to death. This was as close to a warm body as she would find if she was lucky enough to be right. 

What she found was simultaneously impressive and disheartening. A woman was surrounded by flames. Was she herself on fire? It was hard to say from a distance. But the flames engulfed her and spread wider and wider as the moments passed. Retha made her way closer and closer, until she could feel the heat radiating on her body, melting the ice and the cold.

She stayed there, arms held out on either side, closing her eyes for a moment and drinking in the heat. She could see the vague form of a woman  - naked by all appearances, at the epicentre of the flames.  Retha was well aware of the existence of witches and knew enough to be sure that the woman was in no danger. The land around her however was a different story. Did she know what she was doing? She was going to attract a lot of attention if she didn't desist soon. Witches were supposed to keep a low profile were they not?

Sufficiently warmed, Retha tried to get the woman's attention to remind her to mind her place. Having never ventured into all-encompassing flames such as these, and unsure of her own strength at this point, there was some measure of risk if Retha needed to make her way through. It seemed, though that the woman could not be reached verbally, no matter how much Retha cried out to her. 

First, Retha put her hand through the dancing flames and pulled it out unharmed. Next, she tried her arm, and confident enough now that she was out of harm's way hurried through the fire to the center. 

She touched the stranger's shoulder, "Look at yourself. Look at what you are doing." She pleaded, "Do you want to clear through this entire forest?" The warmth was getting to her. Her skin felt like it was on fire. Was she at risk, standing here with limited reserves, trying to help this stranger? Only time would tell.

Played by: Kat

Age: 203

Species: Vampire

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